“Wairere Boulders” Bouldering
Wairere Boulders | Bouldering Lines


Nobody can go on our land for BOULDERING unless they have met us in person on our land and got the OK from us. Here our Registration Form

Bouldering on our Tourist Track is NOT permitted. Here the Bouldering Map (must be discussed with the Wairere Boulders management at your arrivel).

Bouldering can only be done in some dedicated areas of our property. You have to contact us beforehand  by e-mail admin@wairereboulders.co.nz or by phone 09 401 9935 to make an appointment.

The daily entry fee to the Wairere Boulders for bouldering activities is $ 15.00 per person.
Registration costs $ 5.00 per person.

This includes

  • Parking on private land

  • Picnic area

  • Toilet facilities with drinking water

  • Bouldering on our rocks during daylight

  • Overnight stay in your own camper, tent, van, etc

Conditions for Admission

  • You must have climbing shoes

  • You must have a mat

  • You must have a helmet

  • The weather must be dry

  • You must have our personal permission

  • You must have met with us on the parking before you go

Information Pack:

Every car has to purchase an information pack $ 5.00 per person which must be read by each participant.

This includes

  • Information and map about bouldering area etc.

  • Information and location of bouldering lines

  • Emergency documentation, phone numbers, doctors, hospitals, search and rescue etc.

  • Ethics & Code of Conduct

Registration of visitors & cars:

Every visitor must register in our bouldering visitor's book.  Details include

  • Car registration number, year, make model, owner's details

  • Registration for each participant, name, contact details, next of kin

Ethics & Code of Conduct:
By Roman Hofmann & Felix Schaad

Please know that it is a privilege to climb here, it is not a right.
Any misuse or abuse may result in permanent closure to climbing related activities.
Please adhere to the following so that all future visitors may enjoy the same great experience: 

  • Listen to and respect the owners.
    This land is their life and blood.
    They have done and do a lot to maintain this land.
    They will tell you all you need to know about the area.
    So don’t be shy and ask away. 
  • Before climbing a line, make sure there are no paper wasp nests on the rocks.  They have a very painful sting!
  • Smoking is only permitted on the metalled parking area or in the info shed. (Summers can be very dry and grass fires can be detrimental and are very hard and extremely costly to control.)
  • Alcohol is only permitted on parking area and in or around overnight facilities. Intoxicated people will be sobered and expelled as soon as they are able to drive.
  • Drugs are banned. People caught with drugs will be asked to leave
  • Minimum Impact!
    This is a working farm and tourism operation
    Leave all gates as you found them.
    Please use the gates to avoid damaging fences.
    Take all your rubbish and any that you may find out with you.
    Do your main toilet business in the facility provided on the car park!!!
  • When establishing new problems (“lines”) do it well.
    Absolutely no chipping!
    Clean only what you must, limit the use of harsh brushes.
    Some rock is loose, remove loose holds only if you are serious about the line,
    Make it safe for everyone.
    Record all new area and “line” info and give it to the owners to add to the list,
    please give detailed information. You can ask for a GPS to record the location.
  • Last but most importantly,
    Enjoy this amazing place and have a great time!

Respect yourself, respect this land.
Keep it green, keep it clean.