Walking Trails

Your tramp begins at the cafe and info shed, so if you want a coffee before you head off into the valley, that’s no problem. The info shed is packed with photos and stories which tell the you about the history, geology and people who have been important to the Wairere Boulders and our part of the Hokianga Habour. Here you can pick up your map of the reserve and clues to find our hidden rock animals for the kids. 

Boulder Loop


THE BOULDER LOOP leads over bridges, boardwalks and stairs, under and over the boulders along the valley floor and is an easy 40minute- 1 hour walk. Search for our Boulder Beasts along the way and take a detour through the Dragon cave.

Lookout Track




THE LOOKOUT TRACK takes you up the side of the valley and through the bush, climbing  behind the boulders as you walk up to the viewpoint. The bush walk is rich with a diverse  selection of New Zealand native flora and when you reach the top, a spectacular view awaits you.  Up here the boulders are vast and the river runs far down beneath them. The rocks appear like giant stepping stones leading all the way back to the Hokianga habour.  Walking time is 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Magic Rock Tramp


THE MAGIC ROCK marks the top of the farm and the site of the original lava flow. It is the only part of that flow not to have rolled down the hill. For the fit and energetic you can hike all the way to the Magic rock for a spectacular view of the Hokianga habour that  stretches to the Panguru sand dunes. Allow a good 1.5-2 hours for this hike. 

Bush Pool Swimming Hole




Take a break during your walk to dip your feet, or more, into the Wairere Stream, and have a true forest pool, swimming experience.

THE SWIMMING HOLE is  found on a side track off the Boulder Loop and through the Nikau forest. Our river water is dark brown due to the Tannins that are washed from the bush. It is not dirty or polluted, simply filtered by the natural landscape of our area. It is safe to swim in, but care must be taken due to invisble rocks beneath the water surface.