Night Walks at Wairere Boulders

Take A Guided Night Walk Around The Boulder Valley.

Once the Sun goes down over the Boulder Valley, the atmosphere changes. The world is taken over by our many nocturnal animals. The noises of the day give way to the night calls of moreporks and kiwi. The Wairere Boulders seem to be a completely different place as boulders become caves and the glow-worms start to shine. Cave Wetas appear from their daytime hiding places and sheet web spiders take up position in the middle of their incredible webs.

Join us at sunset to take a guided night walk through our beautiful bush, and as the sun sets we will take you to hidden corners of the Wairere Boulder valley. In these secret places we get to see a host of native species and watch in wonder as the glow-worms appear from the dark, turning the forest into a magical fairyland.

Prices and Booking

Due to the high level of supervision required during our night walks only kids aged 10 and above are permitted. The night walk around the Wairere Boulders is over uneven ground, involves steps, slopes and ducking under rocks. While no great level of fitness is necessary, good mobility and strong footwear are required.


Adults $40

Kids (10yrs and above) $20

This price includes FREE pick up and drop off to the Horeke tavern and next day entry so you can experience the Wairere Boulders during daylight too.

Booking is essential for our Night Walks, as we restrict numbers to allow our wildlife to flourish undisturbed most of the time. Please contact us with the form below or give us a call on; 09 401 9935 to book your night walk.