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TV New Zealand 09.01.2007

Reporter: Billlie Jo Hohepa (now Ropia) 
Camera: Vaughan Scott

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Northland boulders draw tourists

A surprise geological find on a farm in Northland is drawing tourists from around the world.

The stunning rock formation at Horeke - the Wairere boulders - lay hidden for more than 100 years until a Swiss couple stumbled across it, thanks to their goat.

Felix and Rita Schaad bought the overgrown land in 1983 on arriving in New Zealand, not knowing it had a hidden secret.

It was four years after they had moved into their remote valley farm when the couple stumbled over the ancient treasure trove, while out catching wild goats with their dog.

Approaching the goat, Rita says they found rocks piled on each other looking like a river of stones.

After discovering their humble home was hiding a geological piece of paradise, it was always their intention to show it off to the world. But their dream was only realised six years ago when the determined couple began building pathways by hand through their jungle oasis.               Visit TV ONE


The roaring
Flood in the Wairere Boulders on 27.02.2007
filmed by Wairere Boulders


Visitor's Oponion

about the Wairere Boulders.
Includes explanations about geology by Rita.

 Filmed by Curbside

Introduction to the Wairere Boulders
Filmed by Action Adventure Videos

Scenes along the Walking Tracks  4 1/2 minutes
Filmed by Wairere Boulders