Kawakawa Primary at the Wairere Boulders in Horeke,
Hokianga Harbour, New Zealand

The school trip to a splendor place in New Zealand during their school camp at Opononi.

The first lot of the Kawakawa primary school children on the Wairere Boulders' logbridge.
The second lot is approaching fast !
and the third lot is just catching up.
More to come?
Noeline Lemon, the marvelous organiser with a few of her school girls.
Rita is the tail,  making sure no one falls into Yeti's hands or claws.

And here Yeti's footprints, for the ones who missed to see them.  Yeti has not been seen yet,  but who knows?  One day it might become reality. His/hers/its footprints are for real,  indeed.