Visit by Carole and Jim Anderton 
(Minister for Economic Development)
at Wairere Boulders 07.08.2004

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Jim Anderton making sure the boulder is not crushing his wife Carole, when she passes underneath. Getting explanations from Rita, there is so much to say and so little time.  Luckily they decided to come back.
All that awesome Hokianga sunshine. Rita explains how we built the big bridge with logs of 1.2 tonnes.
It sounds so fascinating.
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11 August 2004


Media release

Hon Jim Anderton
Minister for Economic, 
Industry and Regional Development
Associate Minister of Health
Progressive Leader

On his regional visit to Northland last week, Minister of Economic Development Jim Anderton found the region in good form.

"It is inspiring to see that Northland has turned the region's economy around from decline to steady growth.  When I became Minister of Economic, Regional and Industry Development in 1999 Northland was one of our acute regions.  Its economic growth is now higher than the average for New Zealand's regions and unemployment is falling. 

"The people of Northland are busy harnessing the positive potential of their region and with creativity and determination it is paying off.  On my visit I met with many inspiring Northlanders, from furniture manufacturers to tourism operators, who are working hard to expand the region's economy,  

"I was particularly impressed with the efforts being made by the people in the Hokianga to develop their tourism potential.  The Hokianga are taking control of opportunities for development and promoting the creation of a tourism hub for Opononi, which would offer guided tourism activities, a cultural centre and retail facilities.

"My visit to the Wairere Boulders was especially enjoyable.  New Zealanders and overseas visitors alike would be impressed to see these huge boulders, they are a truly impressive sight.Rita and Felix Schaad have constructed platforms and upgraded tracks so that visitors can enjoy them.

"It is great to see this sort of 'get up and go' in Northland, and even better that the region and the Labour Progressive government is working in partnership with people to lift economic growth through programmes such as skills training, forestry and wood processing.  I look forward to continuing this work with the people of Northland," Jim Anderton said.

Contact:        Jim Anderton 021 777 680 or 04 471 9591
OR Joy Gribben 04 471 9172, 027 407 6719

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