Here you can decide where to go.

The development of the tracks of the Wairere Boulders, as one of the best things to see and do in Northland NZ,  started already in 1999.  They were finished in 2003 and many people enjoyed the time they spent during the walks. These tracks lead over, around and under the boulders in a spectacular way. When we got the property, we decided to upgrade these tracks to a better standard to make it possible for bigger groups of people to walk the tracks.  This was needed as the original tracks were quite dangerous and to view the boulders some rock climbing was not to be avoided.

The tracks of the two valley sides are combined into a round trip.

On the left side there are 5 bridges (No 1 to 4 and 12) and  on the right side 3 further bridges were built. There is a 3 m x 4 m platform at the top end of the boulder area in the valley.  From there one can view the incredible "flow" of boulders down the valley.  In the 1980es people were just sitting on top of the rock.  But we considered it to be too dangerous, mainly for families with younger children,  so a safely constructed platform was inevitable.  From there a track leads further up to "Magik Rock". 

The plan of the valley.
We upgraded the tracks in 3 stages:

Stage 1 

Left valley side:
a) Development of left valley side,  so that even older people can view the boulders in a safe relaxed way. The track should be all weather proof and be usable all year round.
b) Construction of  bridges 1 to 4 
c) Construction of 5 stairs
d) Metalling and reducing the slopes of tracks for easy walking

I need a rest after all that climbing
Stair leading over a deep gap along a huge rock.  Rita sitting on "Adi" stair. The hand rails and safety netting are still missing.
Steps and metall make it easy. Hold it up,  don't let go !!!
Track leading under a very big and heavy boulder.
All weather proof track with steps and little bridges over creeks.

Stage 2 (done)

Combining the right and left valley side through a construction of a pole bridge in 2002, which is 10 m long and will span across the Wairere River.   Previously we just crossed the river on foot,  but at high water levels this attempt was really tricky.  The pole bridge is built in a way that the river can be viewed even in a major flood,  which must be most spectacular.

  • Starting on left valley over stairs and bridges (done)
  • Crossing the Wairere Stream on pole bridge  (done)
  • Continuing right valley side to rest area and swimming hole ( done)
  • Continuing track on right valley side to platform (done)


Stage 3 (dream for the future)

A further stair will be built to be able to climb up on top of "Magik Rock" and all tracks will be combined into one long loop.

Typical bridge construction Grandad working happily Two bridges under hughe rock
Bridge named "Louie" under construction,  bridge No 3 on left valley side.

Bridge named "Rita". Bridge No 6 on right valley side.

Two bridges named "Luke" and "Amelia"   Bridge No 4 and 5,  on the right valley side.