Come and see the right valley side.  It's fantastic !!

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The right valley track leads through high standing forest with many native trees like Kauri, Tanekaha, Kaikatea, Totara...  etc.  Several bridges lead over very deep caves. ww117s.jpg (13698 bytes)
Around boulders and slightly uphill. ww115s.jpg (15098 bytes)
Under this bridge is a deep hole with a seasonal creek. www1.jpg (11035 bytes)
How small we are,  we have to squeeze through some gaps between boulders. www3.jpg (17278 bytes)
You have to walk over that rock.  Make sure you will not lose your grip. www108s.jpg (14103 bytes)
Finally you made it onto the platform which is glued to the boulder with epoxy resin. ww103s.jpg (11272 bytes)
You are sitting high up on a rock,  looking down over the boulder valley. www2s.jpg (11288 bytes)
Beautiful fluting,  decorating the rocks:  they look like waves in suspended animation. www5.jpg (14883 bytes)
Some logs from the Kauri milling time are still stuck between the rocks.  Can you believe that they flushed logs through this valley?   It is true. ww97s.jpg (13966 bytes)
You can see over the hills right down to the harbour. ww98s.jpg (9147 bytes)

www7s.jpg (100975 bytes)

And close to you the majestic boulders.

We hope you can share our views !!

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