Walk the left valley side,  simply stunning !!

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The walkway leads through lush subtropical rainforest over many steps towards the boulders along the valley. ww86s.jpg (16640 bytes)
From time to time,  you can go out and walk over the boulders. Put your feet down hard and feel their resistance. ww82s.jpg (15798 bytes)
Oh,   no......    where is she going ?  In there?

Is it not dangerous ?

ww52s.jpg (14679 bytes)
There is light at the end of the tunnel.  And a bridge too !! ww50s.jpg (8902 bytes)
You have a stunning view of boulders and vegetation once you are out of the cavern. ww43s.jpg (14575 bytes)
Or you can come from the top and go down the cavern. ww121s.jpg (15806 bytes)
Over another bridge with some Kauri Trees in the background. ww41s.jpg (14137 bytes)
Now the real adventure starts. ww39s.jpg (16019 bytes)
Look down there !    It really goes deep down. ww126s.jpg (14301 bytes)
This long bridge spans 14 metres over rocks. ww131s.jpg (13702 bytes)
Rails and netting make sure nobody falls down. ww136s.jpg (13678 bytes)
Up another stair and you will not believe what's coming. ww34s.jpg (14517 bytes)
A beautiful gentle valley floor with rocks showing incredible marks of fluting. ww137s.jpg (14382 bytes)
And where is she going now???   Call her back !!! ww16s.jpg (11326 bytes)
Ohhhh,  there is a way out.   Under that heavy gigantic rock, steps lead up to the light. ww69s.jpg (11519 bytes)
And here she emerges! ww65s.jpg (10445 bytes)
Can you find her in the picture?  She will have to go up that other stair. ww4s.jpg (15426 bytes)

We hope you enjoyed that walk in our valley !!

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