The Formation of the Wairere Boulders
A true saga, invented by an inspired visitor

A long time ago the land was flat and the trees had to grow tall and root deep for them to find water to drink. This was because the water seeped straight down through crevices and holes.

There lived a dragon (Taniwha) in one of the holes and the people of the forest, the birds and insects, would sometimes hear the creature growling and grumbling after heavy rain. The dragon hated getting wet, you see! This would make them afraid. One day, after very heavy rain, there was so much water, with nowhere to go because of how flat the land was. The majority of the water poured into the dragon's cave, which of course he hated intensely.

In a fit of rage, he came rushing out of his cave and began clawing and chewing at the rocks. He dug into the earth to drain the water away. He writhed under the earth and threw up giant boulders.

Eventually there came a calm, once he'd thrashed and chewed and clawed and writhed to exhaustion. Finally all the water had passed down the newly formed valley to the Hokianga Harbour.

This I know not only because Felix & Rita can understand the things birds and insects say about what happened here, but also because of all the claw marks, teeth marks, tumbled boulders and the fast flowing stream feeding into the harbour.

Kieron Horide-Hobley, Wellington, 2 April 2002


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