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This document is on progress and not yet final

Northland/ Tai Tokerau Reviewed Draft
Sustainable Tourism Charter

A successful Northland tourism industry, committed to continual improvement in sustainable business practices that protect and enhance the natural, cultural, social and economic environment.

As signatories, we…

1. Commit to fostering and developing mutual understanding and support between Northland/Tai Tokerau tourism industry and the community…

  • By engaging and communicating with the community

  • By encouraging and supporting the community to participate with tourism

2. Acknowledge the inseparable link between the natural environment and business success in tourism, particularly.

  • Ensuring that sustainability is a profitable business practice

  • By caring for ourselves, our staff and our customers

  • By leading, guiding, supporting, and mentoring local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) 

  • By working towards improved water quality, conservation and bio-diversity

  • By becoming more energy efficient

  • By innovatively working on waste issues

  • Through environmental education

  • By actively communicating with other resource users

3. Promote cultural partnerships in the development of sustainable tourism in Tai Tokerau/Northland…

  • By protecting and promoting Northland cultural heritage

  • By encouraging and enhancing Northland cultural identity

    4. Actively communicating and influencing other stakeholders regarding sustainability, as appropriate, by…

  • Leading local communities by positive example

  • Proactively engaging with tourism agencies, local and central government in relation to planning, infrastructure, resource management and policy implementation

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