Hokianga Views Over Hokianga Hills

Our Hokianga place is rather hilly even for the Hokianga or Hokianga Harbour area. We are standing on the left side of the valley, looking downwards across the valley to the right side. The road to the house can be seen winding along the other hill side. A TYPICAL VIEW OVER THE HILLS
LEFT VALLEY SIDE This is the same side as above but higher up. It is a typical Hokianga view. These hills surround the harbour. A big area is in pasture, but recently forestry has become very common.
HARBOUR VIEW, EXITING AS EVER In the distance the harbour can be seen. The Wairere river is meandering its way down through the mangroves which are flooded during the high tides.
This is the same view from the top of the hill, down towards the harbour. FROM THE HILLTOP BEFORE SUNSET
THE LANGUAGE OF SILENCE IN BEAUTY Why say any more words, when the picture speaks a million.
OUR SURROUNDING,  A NATIONAL PARK This is the view from behind the house across the valley in upwards direction. The bush is declared as a national significant area. We are surrounded by such area which is protected against human abuse.

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