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Resurection of an old Hokianga Homestead

The cottage under reconstruction

This is the old Hokianga farm house under reconstruction. It went through very different stages during its life time, and was used at some stage only as a hay shed, with no doors, or windows, even the floors were partly removed.

But the most valuable asset always remained: The toilet seat! Unfortunately without the connecting pipes to the septic tank. This we found out after about a month's use, and had quickly to dig in new sewerage pipes.

We could not find any volunteers for that sh..y job.

The rebuilt cottage

The cottage in its rebuilt state.  It has two rooms,  kitchen, bath, toilet, a porch.

Power and phone are installed and it has a good water supply.

  A shearing shed is built onto it with the capacity to hold about 250 sheep or 300 goats.

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