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What, you expected a machine, you can't be serious! Can you see the grass around the house, nicely trimmed, even on steep banks. No work involved! No noise, no petrol or power wasted. The patent is pending and will be for a long time to come.

Oh no, it is not done with that bucket that Rita is holding in her hand.
Well that's it, our domestic lawn mower. It is absolutely low maintenance. Needs some tender loving care and maybe a few dog biscuits.
There is always this hair falling in the eyes. He needs another haircut, so he can see. Yes this is a one eyed mower. He is blind in one eye.
He is a Welsh Mountain Pony, ammhhh, we mean horse. His size is just on the border line. He shows beautiful dapples in summer.
He has finally made it. He got his biscuit thanks to his persistence and his determination. He makes beautiful heaps of manure that are collected and spread in the garden. Instead of buying fuel you get potatoes.


This visitor (he was a total greenhorn when he arrived) just discovered how it feels to ride a powerful four wheeler, the best 'horse' on such a place. He was very busy cutting our firewood, so we don't have to freeze in winter. He has learnt a lot about country life during his super manager relaxation course on our place.
This is our other horse. No, not Bobo! He does the heavy work on the place.

The tractor is good to carry some firewood and do some other powerful work.


The goats are a very valuable asset. No, they are worth nothing. The value dropped from $ 150.00 each to $ 5.00. Yes, we survived the loss.
They are cashmere goats. We used to shear them to produce cashmere, but the price of the fiber sank so much, that it does not even pay for the shearer and the transport. But they do a wonderful job cleaning the paddocks. As browsers they roam around and nibble everything cattle leave behind
Here they gather in the shade of a tree and relax from the hard work they just had in gathering all their food.

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