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Our little Hokianga Heaven

 Some might call it a farm. But it isn't!!! The total area is only 144 ha, 80 ha in pasture and the rest is bush. It does not provide a living, just work. But the beauty is indescribable, even with most poetic words. Pictures do not reflect the true character of the gigantic boulders. On the horizon sits the big 'Castle Rock' a landmark seen all over the area. [Castel Rock]
[Tree Ferns and Rocks] The vegetation is rich and a lot of interesting tree ferns are growing on the hillside. Rocks lye scattered around, gently sliding down the hills, inch by inch, a minute fraction every year. They accumulate at the bottom where they create a fascinating boulder valley.
[Hills] Cattle are happily grasing in between a beautiful variety of trees where they can find shelter from sun, wind and rain. The water they drink is out of creeks, rivers or ponds and the grasses they eat are a large variety of different species. They live outside on pasture the whole year round, have never seen a stable in their lives and enjoy a 'lifestyle' they deserve. Unfortunately they have to be slaughtered one day, to provide a healthy food for mankind.

This is the breed of cattle we prefer to grase on our place. It is a cross breed between a Hereford and a Freisian. We have about 100 animals all year round. They are between 6 months and 2 1/2 years old. At this stage they leave our land for a flatter place to grow for another year.

[Hereford Cross Breed]

This old cottage was left neglected for years. Now it is restored and shows its old beauty. The family living in it, about 90 years ago, could only afford to paint the entry side of the dwelling. This aspect has been respected for the resurrection of this historic little 'hut'.

[Mac Donnell's House]
[Evening Light] Every hour of the day has a different display of colours and sounds. The sky, the greatest stage master of all times, is in constant motion and displays the most fantastic cloud formations behind the silhouette created by the old pines bending restlessly in the different winds.

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