Responsible Tourism Statement for Wairere Boulders


Welcome to the Wairere Boulders, we know you will enjoy your time in our fantastic valley.  We want to protect the world unique natural environment between the Wairere rocks to ensure that future generations can enjoy it the same way as you do. We have developed an environmental plan to keep this endeavour going and welcome your support for this work.

  • We reduce our energy consumption by switching of the power to the InfoShed. Also there is not light in the toilets, we are sure you are able to do your “business” in slightly dim light too.
  • Our cleaning products are all biodegradable, hence non toxic.
  • Please use our bins in the InfoShed to deposit your rubbish, which will be sorted and recycled if possible.
  • The water for toilets and hand washing is unfiltered out of the Wairere stream. To save energy it has been designed to entirely run on gravity. To reduce waste and energy consumption, only drinking water is purified by a 05 micron filter.
  • Weeds are mostly removed by hand to avoid the use of chemicals.
  • Possums, Mice and Rats are eradicated with FeraCol a non toxic vitamin (D3) which has no harmful effect to the environment and does not create secondary poisoning. The ca 3% of animals that cannot be killed by FeraCol are eliminated with other methods (shooting, traps, Pestoff).
  • We create our own carbon credits by conserving 200 acres of NZ bush. This offsets even some of the carbon dioxide created by your vehicle.


We count on your approval and support in our endeavour for a clean and healthy planet.


The Boulder Team