Wairere Boulders - Press Release,
  Nov. 2003


Dear editor,
the Scientific World has finally recognised the Wairere Boulders in the Hokianga
Harbour as a site of national and world-wide importance.

 What the "Bay Chronicle" said about Wairere Boulders:

"Wairere, a valley of basalt boulders in the Hokianga, may be one of the Far North's most remarkable eco-tourism assets."


      What the "The Northland Age" said about Wairere Boulders:

"Since opening 18 months ago, this magnificent find has started to raise the eyebrows of esteemed geologists around the world and murmurs are rippling through the eco-tourism realms. .
As the rumblings about the magnificent Wairere Boulders reverberate around New Zealand and the world, it is only a matter of time before the tourist trail via Horeke becomes well worn and this unique, geological treasure is considered a 'must see' for all.


What "The Newsletter of the Geological Society of NZ" said about Wairere Boulders:

"The form of erosion met at the Wairere stream is rather uncommon and the geologists seem to take over the terminology used for limestone to describe the phenomenon."


What are the Wairere Boulders?

The "Wairere Boulders, Nature Park" opened two years ago, allowing access to a hidden geological wonder in the howling wilderness of the ruggedly beautiful Far North. Located near Horeke in the Hokianga Harbour, in one of New Zealand's most historically important valleys.

Before the opening of the Nature Park, only one NZ geologist (Alan Mason) had ever visited the Wairere Boulders around 1948.  The valley was unknown to ALL other New Zealand and international Geographers and Geologists. This issue has now newly  been addressed through:

         Information of geologists in the October 2003 Newsletter of the Geological Society of New Zealand.

         Inclusion in the next issue of the geological map (accompanying book) of the Far North. (Due to requests from overseas scientists)

         Inclusion of the Wairere Boulders in the Geopreservation Inventory electronic database - a new updated version of which will soon be sent to DOC for their use in protecting and enhancing New Zealand's earth science heritage.

  New at Wairere this summer:

  • The park has been transferred into an educational site. Trees have been named with labels to inform visitors.  This process will be ongoing for the next few years.
  • Visitors get a little leaflet explaining the main geological facts and some historic facts.
  • The Boulder Loop has been upgraded to allow comfortable visits in wet condition, hence all year round.
  • The website has been upgraded into an educational site, showing geology, history, plants and tales of the valley.  www.waiereboulders.co.nz

See the Wairere Boulders for yourself

We invite you to come to the Hokianga to experience Wairere Boulders and we will guide you through the valley, explain the geology, history of the valley and welcome you with caring hospitality. We extend an offer to you to stay a night in the historic cottage at Wairere Boulders, Nature Park.

For more details on Wairere Boulders visit www.wairereboulders.co.nz 
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Wairere Boulders - A uniquely New Zealand experience!