Look North,  Dec 2002
"Floating" boulders in Horeke valley.
Have you ever seen a stream of boulders 'floating' down a valley to the sea?  No?  Then you haven't visited Wairere Boulders in Horeke.

Enjoy an adventurous stroll through a mysterious valley formed by huge basalt boulders, experience the unique rock surfaces called 'fluting' by acid soils, admire the many interesting native plants growing on boulders, roam through lush subtropical native bush and pristine wilderness and let your breath be taken away by the grand view from the platform high above the valley.  Walks in the valley are unguided, tracks are well marked and it takes about three hours to walk both valley sides, one hour for the left side and two hours to the platform on the right.

Wairere Boulders proprietors Rita and Felix Schaad recommend that visitors wear good quality sensible walking shoes and not deviate from the designated walkways as there are deep underground hollows into which visitors may fall if they leave the tracks.  Visitors should note that no dogs or other animals are permitted on the property.  Wairere Boulders is located along McDonnell Road in Horeke, 2.7 km after the shoreline towards Taheke along the Horeke Taheke road or 14 km from Taheke towards Horeke.

Rita and Felix can be contacted by phone/fax on 09 401 9935, e-mail admin@ wairereboulders.co.nz or at www.wairereboulders.co.nz .