The Dominion, Wellington, 12.03.2002

Walking tracks open to geological wonder

The Wairere Boulders, a hidden geological wonder near Horeke in the ruggedly beautiful far north looks set to join the ranks of the country's top eco-tourist attractions.

Fringed by spectacular native forest, thousand of massive basalt boulders, some towering up to 30 metres march like a prehistoric army frozen in time for over a kilometre down the Wairere Valley toward the Hokianga Harbour.  Deeply etched markings in the boulders, or fluting, is the result of chemical leaching from the acid soils of ancient kauri forests. Scientists say this 2.8 million year old geological formation is unique. 

Two beautiful walking tracks, complete with wooden steps, bridges and a viewing platform have been built on either side of the Wairere stream, the site of the first water-driven timber mill in New Zealand. After 18 years in the valley, the owners Rita and Felix have built the walkways to allow all New Zealanders and tourists to experience this natural wonder.

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