New Zealand Autocar,  November 2003,  page 120

 Ö..over the water.
Itís home too to Wairere Boulders Nature Park, an amazing collection of fluted basalt rocks that seem to flow down the valley like a stream. Only recently rediscovered, they are geologically the finest examples of their kind. Felix and Rita Schaad found the formation, lost to the bush for 100 years or more, while trying to catch wild goats. After extensive research, they located photographs taken in 1873 by photographer, D.L Mundy. On the same NZ visit this early chronicler had also taken photographs of the famed Pink and White Terraces. ĒItís so exciting to think that the Pink and White Terraces are destroyed but Wairere still remains,Ē said Rita. Keen for others to enjoy the unusual structure, after much hard labour the couple opened an extensive network of walks. The boulders are truly remarkable and itís a great place to stop and stretch your legs.