Totara, Montane Totara
Family: Podocarpeceae   Genus: Podocarpus Totara
                        Genus: Podocarpus Cunninghamii

Picture top: A "bushy" specimen of a Totara freestanding in a paddock. Inside forests they grow into a thinner and taller shape.

There are two types of Totara trees in New Zealand.  Both are found in forests throughou the country.  Totara grows up to 30 m and Montana Totara reaches 20 m. There is a third species (only reaching 9 m) growing between Marlborough and south Westland

  Wairere Boulders (Nature Park, Horeke, Hokainga Harbour, Northland, New Zealand, NZ)

The totara fruit, the berries are edible and taste very nice. 

Photo: The flower of the Totara. 

The needles of a Totara.

Photo: The thick stringy and furrowed bark of the Totara.

Photo: The thin and papery bark of the Montane Totara.