(The Kowhai flower is national flower of New Zealand)


Genus: Sophora
Species: tetraptera, microphylla, prostrata

Spring at the Wairere Boulders is spectacular with all the beautiful golden yellow flowering Kowhai trees.
Picture:  Young Kowhai tree in spring bloom.

Picture:  Bark of a mature Kowhai tree, covered partly by moss.

The North Island Kowhai is growing along streams and forest margins from East Cape to the Ruahina Range.  It can be found from sea level up to 450 metres. The hight can reach 12 metres in hight.

Delicate leaves of Kowhai, Size 1:1. The leaves of the genuses are slightly different

Photo : Kowhai Flower, about double size.

In spring Tui birds feed on the Kowhai flowers and their plentyfull songs sound throughout the Wairere Boulders' valley.

Picture:  Kowhai Tree in full flowers
at the Wairere Boulders, 
Hokianga Harbour, New Zealand

  Wairere Boulders (Nature Park, Horeke, Hokianga Harbour, Northland, New Zealand, NZ)