Kahikatea (White Pine)
Family: Dacrycarpus      Genus:  Dacrydioides

Picture top: A Kahikatea of a smaller size.  They can grow up to 60 metres in hight.

This is the tallest New Zealand tree.  It is found all over the country particularly in swampy areas but also grows well in dry, flat and hilly locations between sealevel and up to 600 m.
Photo left side:
A mature Kahikatea

Photo: Male cones

The timber was used for recipients (butter, milk) as there was no smell given up.

Photo: The fruit of the Kahikatea. About 2 x magnified. The ripe blue seed is sitting on the red receptacles.

We were told that the berries are edible, but we have not yet confirmation from scientific resources.  Wait with making jam, until the facts are confirmed.

Photo: Adult foilage differs from the juvenile leaves.




Photo: The flakey bark of the tree

  Wairere Boulders (Nature Park, Horeke, Hokainga Harbour, Northland, New Zealand, NZ)