Puawhanganga or Bush Clematis
Family: Ranunculaceae      Genus:  Clematis Paniuculata

The first obvious sign of spring. The lovely white flower is well visible from far, decorating the tree tops of the bush. The mildly fragrant flower measures up to 100 mm across. The bush clematis is a large woody vine, climbing to the tops of the trees. 

Picture left:
Flower of Bush Clematis


Photo:  Clematis paniculata or Pauwhanganga hanging in great clusters downwards in the tree top like a waterfall of flowers, sometimes dangling gently in the wind.

The many panicles of 100 or more flowers can be seen between August and November and the shimmering seed balls can be seen till about January.  The plant is a good indicator if spring or summer will be early or late.

Clematis Paniculata flowering in tree top of Kanuka

  Wairere Boulders (Nature Park), 
Horeke, Hokainga Harbour, Northland, New Zealand, NZ)