Some of the comments from our visitor book
Comment Name Place
Te Papa can't compete with this ! Adriane Fountain Wellington
Thank you for an exceptional opportunity Feline Tomm Waipapa
Best we have seen Jessica Germany
Enjoyed your hard work Grant & Kim Australia
Great Natural Phenomena well presented Ken & San Lot Kerikeri
Absolutely stunning Allan England
Best Boulders I've ever seen Jan O Boyle Waima
This is the most awesome, beautiful and most dramatic (scenery & built) walkway we came across.  Well done!

Unser grösstes Kompliment

Elisabeth & Erika Frei Switzerland
Fabulous sights. Every bit as good as Milford & Heaphy tracks T. Mc Kay Auckland
Saw the claw marks in the dragon cave,  but we stepped lightly so as not to wake him ! Nicolay & Nick England
There are no words to explain this experience Peter ??
Toliken Experience Roel & Lisy Kerikeri
Thanks for sharing this treasure with us Sally Mekalick Christchurch
NZ beauty never seizes to amase us J & R Wirtanen Australia