Please help us!  Put in a submission to the FNDC to get Taheke Road fully sealed.  Demand it to be done within 3 years.

You can do this here e-mail FNDC.

They have been lying to us for years.


Background information:

The Far North District Council FNDC has promised us to seal Taheke Road roughly by 2010. It was on the priority list for roads to get sealed.

The following interest groups have put in submissions to FNDC for years so that the remaining 9 km of the strategic link between SH1 and SH 12 will be sealed:

  • Northland Tourism Council
  • Hokianga Tourism Association
  • Hokianga Hospital (Hauora Hokianga)
  • Horeke Community Association
  • Historic Places Trust
  • Riverhead Guesthouse
  • Wairere Boulders
  • Hokianga Press
  • Various individuals

Now, Joe Carr -former FNDC councillor and just elected as Northland Regional Councillor-  told us in a meeting with FNDC that this road "slipped off the list".  ???
It will not be done within the next 20 years. 
They have broken their promise and we are outraged.

We did plan our business  according to their information and promises.