“Wairere Boulders” Bouldering
Wairere Boulders | Bouldering Code of Conduct

Nobody can go on our land for BOULDERING unless they have met us in person on our land and got the OK from us.

Bouldering on our Tourist Track is NOT permitted.

Bouldering can only be done in some dedicated areas of our property. You have to contact us beforehand  by e-mail admin@wairereboulders.co.nz or by phone 09 401 9935 to make an appointment.


Bouldering - Lines

Marbles warm up area (first area right of fence)
Centre Main Block:
(recognised by big fluted runnel on the front)
V1-V3, including eliminates and link ups.
FA: Julian Albery, Finn Claydon, Roman A Hofmann (RAH).

Back Wall right side:
V3*** “Stick It”
Stand start right of scoop, traverse two moves left, match, up to crimp or direct to sloping rail, right heel hook (optional-on start holds).  Top out on slopers.
Back Wall left side:
V2** “Peek-a-Boo”
Stand start hands on open book seam double gaston (peek a boo).
Smear feet, pop/dyno and top out on jugs.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVtMGYuxp40
Top End:
(boulder under Totara tree, main face downhill.)
V3*** “Smash It”
Stand start, crank up on crimps, smear feet, pop up left, top out.
Plenty more lines around this block, clean with care.


Project Boulder
(approx 50m uphill, veer left over fence. big steep face.)
V6*** Mechanical Movements (left line)
Stand start, right hand gaston on small jug, feet up, left foot onto ledge, rock over reach for sidepull left hand, match hands, walk feet, left hand up to sloping crimp, feet up, left hand again up to crimp, right hand up to slopey ledge. Top out.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr4UBj0R2qwPlenty more easy and hard lines left and right, enjoy.


Glory Boulder (approx 50m up hill and veering left of Project Wall, go up through gate and left back down 5m, mind the fence.)
V8*** Sixteen Moves to Glory”
Sixteen moves, sit start left of overhanging blocky corner.
Left hand on undercling or sidepull.
Right hand up to sloping dish on face, right again to big jug dish, match/cross hands.
Go right, right hand sloping undercling, walk feet, match hands, carry on right............
Finish straight up left of Totara tree, top out.
Big ups to Clay!
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvGunzfFyMo
A few more lines on the right and back side, hardish.

Lone Boulder (about 50m right of Glory Boulder to lone boulder in paddock)
V2** French Ethics
Stand start aręte, balance up to undercling nose, balance moves follow to the top.
A few easier lines around the boulder, one hard project on tiny crimps left of FE.
Little Brother Boulder (about 80 metres under biggest top most boulder
V1-V2 Warm up problems about 4 plus link ups.
FA: Julien, Claydon, Becky, RAH 
Big Brother Boulder (biggest top most boulder)
This is the one you see from the road looming right at the very top of the property.
Unfortunately the rock here is not very good and offers not much safe bouldering.
But it is very impressive and offers amazing views standing on the very top.